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Cathay Pacific statement on HKCAD Update Bulletin on CX780/13 April 2010 emergency landing

20 Jan 2011

Cathay Pacific Airways today received a copy of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department’s update bulletin on its investigations into the emergency landing of flight CX780 at Hong Kong International Airport on 13 April 2010, which identified fuel contamination to be a cause of the accident.

Cathay Pacific is pleased that the HKCAD’s latest update bulletin contains information on the CX780/13 April 2010 occurrence that it believes will undoubtedly be very useful to the aviation industry in taking the necessary steps that will help prevent similar accidents.

The airline endorses the HKCAD recommendation and believes that the fuel quality issues highlighted by the incident have wide-ranging ramifications, and that the information should be shared with the industry and other authorities in order for appropriate safety action to be initiated.

Although the exact nature and origin of the contaminants remains to be determined by the investigators, Cathay Pacific continues to firmly believe that strong industry and regulatory support is needed towards consistent regulatory oversight of aviation fuel and fuel services.

Cathay Pacific will await the release of the final report from the HKCAD investigation authorities and, until such time, it would be inappropriate to offer any further comment.

Please refer to the HKCAD release and update bulletin for more information, available at: http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201101/20/P201101200134.htm