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How to work effectively during quarantine

Stay focused and productive with these tips on making your hotel office work for you.

Optimise your workstation

Assess your room layout and consider rearranging furniture to create dedicated work and living areas. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might set up a standing desk. Add mood enhancers to your work area, like a personal photo or plant.


Small pieces of equipment will make a big difference to your efficiency, such as an extension cord, mouse or charging station. If you plan ahead, you can use Asia Miles to redeem helpful electronic accessories.


Create a series of playlists to mark the time: instrumental music to enhance workday productivity and upbeat tunes to segue into Friday.

Shore up your internet speed

Sharing internet bandwidth with fellow hotel guests can be a challenge. If your speed is flagging, arm yourself with an external USB wireless adaptor (much more powerful than your laptop’s built-in wireless card) or a travel router, which creates a private wireless network.


Another workaround is using a service like Express VPN or Speedify, which consolidates all available internet connections into one stable, speedy connection.


In a pinch, your mobile phone comes in handy as a hotspot. If you don’t have a plan with unlimited data, consider a temporary one, or purchase a 50GB data SIM card.

Check in regularly with colleagues

Be sure to set expectations for what hours you’ll be online – especially if you’re working from a different time zone – and flag any hotel-based constraints such as drilling that might affect calls.


Err on the side of over-communicating; set up morning and evening check-ins with co-workers and share frequent project updates. When in doubt, a phone call often clears things up.


Casual chatter is important for morale, too. Schedule a weekly virtual happy hour and participate in any team-building events.

Create breaks and transitions

The hours easily blur together in quarantine, so it’s important to come up with a schedule for your working hours – and stick to it.


Set an alarm to remind you to take breaks. Apps such as Time Out for Mac or SmartBreak for Windows will lock your computer during those periods.


Creating transition routines will also help ease you in and out of work mode. In the morning, a shower, professional outfit and coffee will put you in a productive mindset. At the end of your work day, make a to-do list for tomorrow, then close your laptop and place it out of sight.

Be mindful of others in your space

Sharing your hotel room is an added challenge. Maybe a child needs to log on to remote lessons, or another adult is following their own schedule of presentations and deadlines. Noise-cancelling headphones are a must (you can use Asia Miles to redeem a pair).


It’s also critical to set ground rules for sharing the physical space and a system to indicate when someone cannot be disturbed.


Finding something to do together - be it breaking for a shared lunch or reconnecting with an after-work drink - can help ease frayed nerves.

If you order products from Asia Miles, please be sure to check the delivery time to ensure they will arrive before/during your quarantine stay.

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