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What to pack for your quarantine

This is not the time to pack light. Make your stay more comfortable with useful items and fun accessories.

Practical day-to-day items

Think about what you'll need to manage daily quarantine life, whether its noise-cancelling headphones for work or resistance bands for a workout.


You have about 60 quarantine meals ahead of you. Bring your own cutlery to wash and reuse – perhaps your favourite mug or simple cooking equipment. You'll also want a stash of snacks, treats, coffee and tea to tide you over.


Housekeeping won't be allowed to clean your room, so it’s up to you to keep things fresh. Pack some basics: dish washing soap, sponge, laundry detergent and an all-purpose cleaning spray. A clothesline may also come in handy.

Items to make your stay more comfortable

Think about your creature comforts: bringing your own pillowcase, slippers or bathrobe may help you feel more at home. Personal items like photos, a scented candle or a cuddly toy will also boost your mood.


Pack your normal toiletries, plus a few extras - bubble bath, a face mask and massage tools would make for a great DIY spa day treat. Also consider sleeping aids like an eye mask,  earplugs and a smart light device.


If you’re sensitive to a lack of sunshine, a small light therapy lamp or extra vitamin D supplements might be worth considering.

Entertainment options

A lot of entertainment these days comes via e-readers, laptops, tablets and consoles, so make sure you pack plenty of electronic accessories such as chargers, extension cords or USB wireless adaptors to keep everything functioning. Make a list of all the TV series, podcasts, and films you want to watch now, so you’re ready to binge.


You might also want some analogue alternatives to give you a break from screen time: a chunky novel or magazines, adult colouring books or puzzles like Sudoku and crosswords. Perhaps you could finally tackle that 1,000-piece puzzle?

Fun for the kids

For those with kids in tow, we’ve created some fun worksheets to keep them learning and occupied. Download them here and print them out before your quarantine.


You'll also want to pack things like Lego sets, board games, card games, colouring books, washable window markers and educational materials. An easily foldable tent could also be useful for play time.

Items to pre-order for delivery

With a little advance planning, you can order bulkier items to your hotel (or arrange for someone to drop them off).


You can redeem your Asia Miles for a range of lifestyle goods, from a handheld vacuum or portable air purifier , to exercise equipment like free weights, a foldable treadmill and a yoga mat. You could also pre-order wines, spirits and champagne to celebrate your release.


Cooking appliances, such as rice cookers or hotplates, are also available through Asia Miles lifestyle rewards, along with computer accessories to optimise your efficiency: charging devices, cables, wireless keyboards and headphones.

If you order products from Asia Miles, please be sure to check the delivery time to ensure they will arrive before/during your quarantine stay.

Your complete guide to quarantine

How to prepare for quarantine – and get the most out of your stay.

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