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How to upgrade your quarantine meals

From the best delivery apps to spicing up bland food, here are a few tips to eating well during quarantine.

Scope out the best delivery options

Even if your hotel comes with an all-inclusive food package, food delivery options will be a god-send when cravings call. Apps such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Ubereats connect to hundreds of Hong Kong restaurants, giving you access to the city’s wealth of international flavours. Foodpanda also has a grocery delivery service, and as an added bonus you can redeem a digital cash voucher for Foodpanda with your Asia Miles.


If you’re looking for a healthy eating regime, sign up for meal delivery services from the likes of Noom, Nosh or Eatology, which also cater for specific dietary requirements from vegan to keto.

Adapt to your new kitchen

Many hotel rooms don’t come with cooking facilities – but people have found creative ways to repurpose hotel facilities into working kitchens. Fancy a boiled egg? Drop it into the kettle. Want a grilled cheese sandwich? An iron and some foil can do the job. One resourceful chef in quarantine even managed to whip up a creme brûlée in a coffeepot.


Alternatively, you could purchase a few small appliances such as a grill or hotplate to bring back to Hong Kong in your luggage .

Set up a dining area and meal routine

Setting up a regular meal routine will help you maintain a healthy diet and not overdo the cal-ories while you’re more sedentary. It will also help you to structure your day and keep some normalcy in your life. Write yourself a timetable – main meals and snack times, including what you’ll be treating yourself to – which will help you break up your day and give you something to look forward to.


For a bit more structure, create a dedicated dining area – set the table as you would at home, replate meals and even consider getting dressed up to make the most of your meal times.

Treat yourself

Get deliveries of your personal tonic – whether it’s chocolate brownies, wine, fresh fruit or cheese – and save them for special moments. Again, you could use an online grocery service like Foodpanda or ask your family and friends to drop things at your hotel.


Stocking up on a few condiments and seasonings will also let you customise your meals for some variety: leftover hot sauce from dinner will give some extra pizzaz to your eggs in the morning.


You could even flex your green thumb: plenty of herbs can be grown indoors and will bring a dose of fresh flavour to your meals.

Do your best to recycle

Managing your waste is definitely harder during quarantine - and you’re likely to be consuming more packaging than normal. Try to minimise your impact: get some proper silverware that you can reuse, wash and collect food containers, and separate items as you would at home. If your hotel doesn’t recycle - keep your collections of plastic and paper waste until you leave and then dispose of them properly.  GREEN @ COMMUNITY recycling stores and pop-ups can be found across Hong Kong. 

If you order products from Asia Miles, please be sure to check the delivery time to ensure they will arrive before/during your quarantine stay.

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