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How to survive hotel quarantine with kids

Keep little ones entertained – and everyone sane – with these tips and resources.

Create a routine

Kids might not admit it but they crave routine - and that goes for the quarantine period, too. Your schedule may be dictated by remote work and online learning, or you may have endless hours to fill. Either way, put a daily timetable on display so that kids know what comes next without bugging you.


Change up the rhythm on Saturdays and Sundays so that it feels like a weekend - perhaps celebrate with movie night and a takeaway.


A few ground rules will also help keep everyone balanced, such as limits on screen time and sticking to normal bedtimes.

Bring on the games

Having a variety of activities – including stuff kids can do by themselves – will keep quarantine interesting. Let them get creative with crafts projects, colouring books and even window markers (which easily wash off).


This is the perfect opportunity for anything that takes time, like piecing together intricate LEGO sets or making headway with the Harry Potter books (available through Book Depository). Board games, card games and puzzles are also sure to please.


You might supplement online schooling with enriching games and extra support. For instance, use your Asia Miles to redeem Peppa Pig’s Brain Box for preschoolers, or a coding starter kit for budding techpreneurs. Preface Coding, which offers one-on-one programming, and Snapask, an online tutoring service, are other resources.

Stay active

While you can’t break out the scooters and bikes, exercise should be a part of the whole family’s daily routine. There are online workouts tailored to children, like Cosmic Kids Yoga or Go with Yoyo, and old-school classics like musical statues or Simon Says that get everyone moving.


Teens can join more advanced instructional videos or share your fitness equipment such as a treadmill, free weights or a skipping rope – all types of accessories redeemable with Asia Miles.

Lighten the mood

Diffuse tantrums with a little spontaneity. Let loose with a pillow fight, or turn up the music for an impromptu family dance party (older kids may prefer the Just Dance video game app).


Reimagining your hotel space is a great way to change things up on weekends. You might arrange a scavenger hunt, an obstacle course, or make a fort out of pillows and sheets. Turn the bathroom into a child-friendly day spa, with toys and bath bombs, colourful nail polish and stickers; and even massage tools, redeemable with Asia Miles.

Keep some perspective

Kids mimic how their parents handle situations and regulate emotions. So try your best to stay positive and prioritise wellbeing, even if it means breaking the rules or getting silly sometimes (pizza for breakfast? karaoke night?). Quarantine, too, will pass, and being together 24/7 might yield some family memories you’ll look back on fondly someday.

Inspire next-gen travellers 

Kids are naturally curious, and we’re here to stoke their wanderlust. Our series of printable worksheets are full of fun facts about everything from mysterious ancient landmarks to how planes fly and where crew sleep. These quizzes, word searches and colouring pages will keep children entertained and let their imaginations take flight. Just be prepared for a pop quiz on country flags – or strong opinions on where to spend your next family getaway.

If you order products from Asia Miles, please be sure to check the delivery time to ensure they will arrive before/during your quarantine stay.

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