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How to choose your quarantine hotel

Consider your needs before booking a room to make your quarantine stay as comfortable as possible.

Do your research

Your 21-day quarantine will be at one of the designated hotelsOpen a new window across Hong Kong. It’s a good idea to research your options thoroughly. Start with our handy guide to the best hotels for quarantineOpen a new window, with options for every budget and details such as room square footage and delivery policies. Try to find a sweet spot between comfort, amenities and price.


Also check reviews and photos posted to the HK quarantine support groupOpen a new window and TripAdvisorOpen a new window. You'll find detailed feedback on things like food quality and internet speeds to help you make your decision.

Ask the right questions

Apart from the size and price of the room, here are some other things to consider before booking:

  • Can you book a connecting room?
  • Do the windows open? And what’s the view like?
  • Is there a laundry service?
  • Does the hotel provide any cleaning supplies?
  • What facilities and appliances are in the room: is there a smart TV, bath tub, kettle?
  • What type of food is provided? Can the hotel accommodate dietary restrictions? Does the hotel supply complimentary bottled water?
  • Does the hotel accept food and other deliveries? What food delivery options are in the area?
  • Does the hotel provide any exercise equipment?
  • Does the hotel provide any special amenities for quarantine guests?

Confirm hotel policies

COVID-19 rules continue to change, often at short notice, so it’s important to understand cancellation and refund policies before you commit. They vary widely: some hotels re-quire full pre-payment at booking with no cancellation under any circumstances, while others are much more accommodating. It may be worth booking a more expensive hotel if it offers greater flexibility.


Also consider signing up to hotel loyalty schemes or rewards programmes. Those 21 nights could easily translate into free nights towards your next (hopefully non-quarantine) hotel stay and other perks.


Your complete guide to quarantine

How to prepare for quarantine – and get the most out of your stay.

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