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Stay fit and healthy during quarantine

Take care of your physical wellbeing with hotel-friendly workouts and a proper sleep schedule.

Conquer jet lag

Jet lag comes with a whole host of symptoms – from poor sleep to headaches and irritability – as our minds and bodies adjust to new time zones. The sooner you can reset your body clock, the better. Keep the curtains open during the day so natural sunlight can sync your circadian rhythms, and add some gentle exercise to boost your energy. 


Match your routine to your new timezone - have lunch at midday and stay awake until bedtime, though it’s fine to have a short nap if you need to.

Get in your daily exercise

It might be tempting to laze in bed all day, but light exercise will boost your health and mood. Try to set aside an hour a day for fitness, whether its gentle stretches or a full body workout. There are hundreds of online tutorials you can follow, such as free online yoga classes run by Pure Yoga


Some hotels provide basic equipment, like yoga mats and resistance bands, to aid your workout. If not, you can always use handy substitutes: a bath towel makes a great yoga mat and water bottles can stand in for free weights.

Reach new fitness goals

While running a marathon might be tricky, there’s no reason you can’t push your fitness goals to the next level while in your hotel room. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts are a great way to achieve results in a short space of time, without the need for tons of space or equipment. 


Supplement workouts by ordering some equipment for your room - free weights or a TRX set are great portable additions to facilitate a full body workout. Use your Asia Miles to redeem useful gear from fitness trackers to exercise bikes.

Join a fitness community

Solo workouts can lack the motivation you get from a group class, but just because you’re in a hotel room, doesn’t mean you have to exercise alone. Join an online community via Facebook or Zoom to participate in things like group kickboxing or a dance party with other people in your situation. 


You can also download apps and join fitness communities like Strava to share your efforts, join challenges and track your progress.

If you order products from Asia Miles, please be sure to check the delivery time to ensure they will arrive before/during your quarantine stay.

Stay fit and healthy during quarantine

How to prepare for quarantine – and get the most out of your stay.

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