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Cathay Pacific updates London flight details

20 Dec 2010

Cathay Pacific Airways today (Monday, 20 December) announced that it would operate CX251 today and CX255 after mid-night from Hong Kong to London as scheduled.

CX257 which is scheduled to depart tomorrow morning HK time will be cancelled. The status of the other Hong Kong-London flights for the rest of the day will be further confirmed tomorrow HK time.

Cathay Pacific will operate the four London-Hong Kong flights (CX256, CX252, CX250 and CX254) scheduled to depart today (20 December UK time), subject to weather conditions.

Customers are advised to check the status of their flight at the airline’s website, www.cathaypacific.com, before departing for the airport as the status may change.

Customers are also advised to input their contact details in the Manage My Booking function at the website to ensure they get the latest flight information via SMS or email.

Cathay Pacific will assist affected passengers with alternative arrangements. Passengers who do not have confirmed bookings are strongly advised NOT to go to the airport.

To facilitate delivery of assistance to unaccompanied minors (i.e. children under the age of 12), young students and passengers with special needs, and to help ensure they can board our flights as soon as possible once operation at the airport permits, a special email address has been set up on top of our regular passenger communications channels to collect their phone contact details. The email address is: uk_student@cathaypacific.com.

A separate email communication channel has been set up for stranded Hong Kong residents who are non-UK citizens. The email address is: uk_irgs@cathaypacific.com. Both e-mails addresses have become operational from 8 am today UK time, and we will try our best to respond as soon as possible but we also appeal to your patience and understanding.

A special hotline has been set up for concerned parents of unaccompanied minors and young students from London to Hong Kong to provide us with the passenger flight and contact details. The hotline number 2747-8999 will re-open again tomorrow at 7 am HK time.

Cathay Pacific appeals to passengers to postpone or cancel non-essential travel between London and Hong Kong as the weather conditions and subsequent capacity constraints at London Heathrow airport are likely to continue to impact flight operations over the next few days.

To assist those who decide to cancel or postpone their trip the airline will refund the ticket or waive all rebooking charges and re-issuance fees for Cathay Pacific tickets that were issued worldwide on or before 18 December 2010 for travel involving London between 18 and 24 December 2010. Please check details on www.cathaypacific.com.