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Passbook is an iOS application, which is available for devices running iOS 6 or later such as iPhone and iPod touch, allowing you to easily store and access your boarding passes, without downloading or using the specific mobile app or even searching for your mobile boarding pass through emails / SMS. The mobile boarding pass will be easily available and appear on the device’s locked screen when you are near the airport closer to the time of departure.

If you are using iPhone or iPod touch updated with operating system iOS 6 or later, or using iPhone 5, Passbook is pre-installed. If your iPhone or iPod touch is using an older operating system version, please upgrade it to iOS 6 or later in order to enjoy the features of Passbook. Passbook is supported by iPhones dating back to iPhone 3GS devices.

After checking in online, you can retrieve the mobile boarding pass from SMS or email. By simply clicking the hyperlink on the SMS or email, the mobile boarding passes will be shown. If you are using an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 6 operating systems or later to view our mobile boarding pass, you are able to click the “Add to Passbook” badge and store the boarding pass in Passbook.

If you are checking in via the mobile site or CX Mobile, simply click the “Add Boarding Pass to Passbook’ button on the check in confirmation page. The mobile boarding pass can then be added to the Passbook directly without going through the SMS or email.

There is a QR code with encrypted data stream on the boarding pass. At the airport, you can simply scan the boarding pass with the barcode in Passbook when proceeding to the immigration, security, lounge and the boarding gate.

Be sure to arrive at Boarding Gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time to avoid unnecessary delays. Late passengers may not be accepted and boarding gate will be closed 10 minutes prior to departure.

You can refresh your boarding pass with the latest information by manual update. Just pull down the back page of the Pass in your Passbook and a refreshed boarding pass will be retrieved. Please ensure you have internet connection when doing so.

You can still use email or SMS to retrieve the mobile boarding pass after checking-in online or mobile, and then board flights.

It depends on the policies and procedures at each local airport authorities. Some airports may not accept passengers who display all Passbook Boarding Passes with their companions on one device. At the security checkpoint, they will be advised to return to check-in counters to re-print their boarding passes.

We advise you to send and store the Passbook-enabled Mobile Boarding Pass to each device, and so each device will only display one Boarding Pass at the airport. If any of the companions does not have any mobile devices or the relevant iOS, they are encouraged to use the Self Print Boarding Pass after checking in online, or send the mobile boarding pass via SMS or email, as an alternative.

Mobile Check-in users can only add the boarding pass into Passbook when the booking contains one passenger only.

No, Passbook is only available for iPhone or iPod with iOS 6 operating system or later.

No. Each Pass corresponds to one flight only. You are advised to add and store each boarding pass into the Passbook flight by flight.

No. Passbook boarding pass will not be deleted automatically and you are advised to remove it appropriately at your own comfort after your travel or any declaration of business travel or claims is done.

You may return to Online or Mobile Check-In again to add your boarding pass into Passbook anytime up to 90 minutes before your flight departure time. Please make sure you have successfully stored it in Passbook and you are ready to retrieve it anytime offline. If you still encounter difficulties, you are advised to arrive early the check-in counter at the airport to print your boarding pass.