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Sharing our meals

Donating 30,000 meals to those in need in Hong Kong.

In April and May, we were able to distribute 30,000 prepared meals to community members in need across Hong Kong. 

Since 2013, we have been working with Food Angel, donating surplus food and furthering our commitment to eliminating food waste. With a limited number of flights being operated, we have been donating our surplus pre-prepared meals to Food Angel – meals which are delivered to senior citizens unable to make use of the charity’s canteen services. 

‘Being able to help feed people and families most affected by the pandemic, all while avoiding food waste, means a lot to every one of us here,’ says Henry Ho, Sustainable Development Manager of Cathay Pacific Catering Services. ‘We’re happy that we can do our bit to help.’

Besides donating our food, we’re also donating our time. We’ve partnered with local NGO Feeding Hong Kong, and our team of volunteers is helping to sort, pack and deliver emergency food packages to those who are struggling to afford nutritious meals – a beacon of hope in a truly difficult time.

More than ever, this is our time to showcase our core values of thoughtfulness and our can-do spirit to contribute to our home city.