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Cathay Pacific welcomes agreement with FAU

07 Apr 2010

Cathay Pacific Airways today (April 5) welcomed the signing of the agreement between the airline and the Flight Attendants Union.

“The agreement is a fair one and the outcome of more than two weeks of frank and useful discussions between us and the FAU,” Cathay Pacific General Manager Inflight Services Charlie Stewart-Cox said. “I am sure that the Hong Kong public will be relieved that uncertainty over the airline’s operations have been removed.”

Mr. Stewart-Cox added that the agreement addressed the key issues raised during the discussions and pointed the way forward to a more constructive relationship between the company and the union.

“We look forward to a more constructive dialogue with the union in the interests of the FAU members, the cabin crew community as a whole and the company,” he said. “It provides a solid basis for building mutual respect, goodwill and co-operation in the years to come.”

Mr. Stewart-Cox said the issue relating to the swapping of flights by crew, which sparked the initial discussions, had been resolved very early by the company deferring newly-introduced guidelines, then cancelling them with a commitment never to re-introduce them.

“We have made it clear from the beginning that we understand and appreciate the importance of roster flexibility to our crew, and we hope there is no doubt about this,” he added.

The other main points of the agreement relate to recognition of the union’s role in representing its members, enhanced status of meetings between union officers and company executives, the need to take cost and revenue factors into consideration when discussing crew issues, and the recognition of the importance of job security and welfare of the crew community.

Mr. Stewart-Cox thanked the Labour Department for its very helpful assistance in facilitating the talks between the two sides.