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Milan Malpensa Airport

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Terminal 1 – Row 13
Economy Class: 1305
Business Class: 1308 - 1310
First Class: 1311
PEY & Fast bag drop: 1306 - 1307

Opening hours
Summer Schedule: 1000 local time
Winter Schedule: 0900 local time

(Check-in counters are closed punctually 40 minutes before scheduled departure time)


Transits towards domestic, international, Schengen and extra-Schengen in flights in departure:

If luggage is tagged to final destination and departure starts from Malpensa Airport, follow indications ‘transito’. After security and passport control, proceed directly towards the Boarding Gate if already holding a Boarding Pass, if not contact the Transit Desks of the Airline to be flown.

If departure is from Linate Airport, luggage must be collected, even if tagged to final destination, and pass through security and customs controls before proceeding towards Linate.

Transits from domestic, international, Schengen and extra-Schengen towards a Cathay Pacific flight:

If luggage is tagged to final destination, follow indications ‘transiti’; beyond passport control, proceed to transit desk before gates B50-59 and check-in for Hong Kong at the Cathay Pacific transit desk.

Lounge Ruang Istirehat Montale
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Smokers Articles:
200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 gr. Of smoking tobacco

Alcoholic Beverages:
2 liters of beverages with an alcohol percentage not superior to 22% vol. or 1 liter of beverages superior to 22% or ethyl alcohol

Please consult www.agenziadogane.gov.it for variations.