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Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Informasi Bandar Udara

Loket Check-in

All services will be provided by Cathay Dragon from 1 May 2017

Row H, counters 12-18

Opening hours

  • KA726 0600–0820 
  • CX790 0730–0950
  • CX722 1030–1250
  • KA724 1455–1715 

Effective from 26 March 2017, opening hours will be as follows:

  • KA730 0555–0815
  • CX790 0730–0950 (service provided by KA728 from 2 May 2017)
  • CX722 1025–1245 (service provided by KA732 from 1 May 2017)
  • KA734 1440–1700

Service desk: Counter H19

(Check-in counters are closed punctually 40 minutes before scheduled departure time)


All transit passengers must remain onboard.

Lounge Lounge Kelas Satu dan Bisnis Cathay Pacific
Informasi Bea Cukai

Returning residents who have left the country for more than 72 hours and visitors intending to stay more than 72 hours are entitled to the following quota:
Tobacco Products: 200 cigarettes or 225g tobacco

Alcoholic Beverages: 1 litre of wine or spirits

Others: Goods up to the value of M$200. Watches are duty-free.