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Pertanyaan yang sering diajukan

1. What is Preflight Order?

2. I have made a confirmed Preflight Order. How can I change the details (e.g. flight details, personal details, ordered items)?

3. I have changed my itinerary. Will it be reflected in my confirmed Preflight Order?

4. I would like to add more products to my confirmed Preflight Order but failed. Why?

5. I have a confirmed Preflight Order but am unable to modify the details. Why?

6. I've made a Preflight Order and would like to increase the quantity of an item but failed. Why?

7. During my flight, may I add more products to my confirmed Preflight Order?

8. When can I Preflight Order or have a preview of the next issue's catalogue?

9. Apart from the web, are there other channels where I can make a Preflight Order?