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Cooking up a new fuel

Business class in-flight dining

At Cathay we are passionate about turning our strategies into results, allowing us to clearly see where we are able to have a positive impact on the environment. One of the things we have done to achieve this is the conversion of old cooking oil into biodiesel.

Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS) have been collecting used cooking oil from our kitchens to give to our partner, Champway Technologies. Champway has an environmental permit to recycle waste cooking oil and convert it into biodiesel. Vehicles with diesel engines, such as delivery and construction vehicles, can run on biodiesel instead of traditional diesel fuel. Biodiesel is beneficial in that it can be made from renewable sources, produces 30% less smoke than traditional fuels and also significantly less greenhouse gases!  In 2017, CPCS collected and provided 31,964 litres of used cooking oil for biodiesel production. We are excited about this initiative because it allows us to see the direct effect of consciously managing our impact on the environment – used oil is now moving people and goods to places in diesel engines!

So next time there is a delivery to your door, who knows – it may have got there on the power of repurposed cooking oil.