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Cathay Pacific welcomes logistics Initiatives in HKSAR budget

28 Feb 2007

Cathay Pacific Airways today welcomed the Budget Speech emphasis on the importance of complementing the economic development of the Mainland to underpin Hong Kong’s competitiveness, and the pledge to bolster Hong Kong’s status as a leading international aviation and logistics hub.

Mr Henry Tang, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, said in his Budget Speech that: “Our economic integration with the Mainland is pivotal to our future development. Hong Kong's restructuring should complement the economic development of the Mainland, and create a ‘win-win’ situation.”

The airline endorsed the Financial Secretary’s emphasis on the need for Hong Kong International Airport to continuously enhance its efficiency, extend the aviation network and expand its passenger and cargo handling capacities. 

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Philip Chen said: “We fully support the Government’s objectives, underlined by Mr. Tang, in its continuing discussions with the aviation authorities in the Pearl River Delta region to optimise airspace design in the region and open up additional air routes. As the issue has been raised by the Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, at the highest levels in Beijing, we look forward to a timely solution.

“We are also encouraged by the commitment made by the Civil Aviation Department to replace Hong Kong’s existing air traffic control system and enhance existing flight procedures. We believe that this issue is of the highest priority in improving air traffic efficiency.”