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Cathay Pacific announces top 100 reasons for loving Hong Kong

15 Aug 2007

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced the top 100 reasons for loving Hong Kong selected from thousands of entries in the “100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong” online campaign. A number of the winners were invited to today's press conference to share their reasons for loving the city and explain how they came up with their ideas.

The final 100 reasons are now posted on the campaign website www.welovehongkong.hk for public viewing. They will also go on display in an exhibition that will tour some of Hong Kong's most popular shopping malls, beginning with Pacific Place in Admiralty from 24 to 26 August.

The "100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong" campaign was organised to coincide with celebrations to mark the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. People from around the world were invited to submit, in words or pictures, their reasons for having so much affection for Asia's world city. Entries were submitted in four categories: "open", "senior citizen", "student group" for Hong Kong residents and "open" for non-Hong Kong residents. The oldest participant was 78 years old while the youngest was just seven. Cathay Pacific gave away a total of 1,000 air tickets to reward participation in the campaign.

More than 20,000 entries were submitted. More than half of the entries came from Hong Kong residents. Of the rest, the highest contribution came from North America, with significant numbers submitted from Mainland China, Singapore and Australia. The 300 entries shortlisted by the official judging panel were posted on the campaign website for the public to vote for their favourites. Public voting was combined with judging panel scores to determine the top 100 reasons for loving Hong Kong. 

Comments from the judges:

Mr Andrew Chan, Professor, Department of Marketing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Director, EMBA Programme, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

The most touching photo was that taken inside a conference room during the SARS outbreak, where everyone wore a facemask. It highlighted the determination and never-give-up spirit of Hong Kong people in difficult times.

Mr Heung Shu-fai, Renowned columnist and radio programme host

The entry titled "Freedom", really does display the freedom we enjoy here, such as the Government's tolerance and the restraint shown by the public. People can demonstrate with no damage and no violence. This is why Hong Kong is a lovely place.”

Mr Chip Tsao, Renowned columnist and radio programme host

"The shortlisted entries gave tangible and intangible reasons for people to see Hong Kong in a different light.”

Mr Robert Chow, Renowned columnist and radio programme host

"I was impressed by the quality of the entries submitted for the competition and overwhelmed by the love people showed for Hong Kong."

Mr Peter Moss, Respected novelist and scriptwriter; former Assistant Director of the HK Government Information Services Publicity Division

There is such a variety, some are really clever play on words and symbols. For me it's the people that make Hong Kong possible. Hong Kong people don't generally smile but when there's a chance they rush to help. There are rare opportunities to show their hearts.”

Ms Carol Lam, Executive Creative Director, McCann Erickson (HK) Limited

"I am moved by the human element that has been demonstrated in the entries. For example in advertisements the emotional element is very difficult to capture, but these entries have been able to harness a real sense of emotion."”

The Top 10 reasons for loving Hong Kong among the 100 prize-winning entries:

Entry ID

9752 Hong Kong is the place that contains all the memories of the author and her late husband, who were both born and raised in Hong Kong and spent a happy life together in the city.
HK Spirit
7278 "The classic plastic bags in red, blue and white stripes symbolise the toughness of Hong Kong people, who in building their own future are flexible, hardworking and never wear out."

Hong Kong People

10134 "From a foreigner's perspective, Hong Kong people are generous, friendly, warm and kind."
Queuing Culture 14624 "The culture in Hong Kong, where people form spontaneous queues, reflects a passion for justice and mutual respect in society."
HK Spirit
(Never give up)
4613 "During the SARS outbreak, people wore facemasks as they continued with business meetings. Hong Kong people have the ability to stride through challenges, one after another."

Land of Dreams 11971 "Hong Kong is home to 7 million different dreams. It is a land where foreigners come to look for their dreams, too."

Cafe Culture, HK style 11570 "The 'Bo Lo Bau', made with butter and hot milk tea strained through pantyhose, sums up the unique tastes of Hong Kong."

Public Housing 16483 "Each of the 'sea of quilts' hoisted outside apartment windows in public housing estates represents one family's unique Hong Kong story."

Freedom 4241 "Hong Kong is a city where 500,000 people can march and there is not a single arrest. Marches and protests here are colourful, fun and theatrical."

Justice and Honesty 6850 "Hong Kong is a city where black and white can be distinguished easily, a society with justice and honesty. It's hard not to love."


Three special awards were also given:

'Spirit of Hong Kong' Award HK Spirit (Never give up) - Entry ID 4613
Most Touching Award Memory - Entry ID 9752
Most Creative Award Justice and Honesty - Entry ID 6850


Some winners also share their reasons for loving Hong Kong:

Pong Kwok-kei for Queuing Culture: I travel to all the time for work and I found that the queuing culture here in Hong Kong is indeed our competitive edge.

Lau Mei Ling for Land of Dreams: This picture shows the myriad of lights displayed on Hong Kong's buildings and for those who have seen them, they will know, the longer you look, the more there is to see. While the lights change, every family has the same dream and this dream doesn't change, which helps to explain why my entry is titled Land of Dreams.

Gerome Tam for Land of Dreams: I was supposed to meet my friends one evening but unfortunately they all had to work late so I took myself to The Peak and took photographs of the lights knowing that within those buildings, my friends were all working.

Eileena Mok for Justice and Honesty: Hong Kong is a society which is just and honest. This is thanks to ICAC, which has done a great job. I liken this to the feather of a swan, it is too clean to hide any dirt, just like Hong Kong is clean of any corruption.


"100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong" was a continuation of the "We Love Hong Kong" campaign initiated by Cathay Pacific in 2003, which aimed to get Hong Kong's economy back on its feet after SARS. The campaign was widely supported by the government, the industry and the general public. The "100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong" campaign gave people the chance to express their love for the city in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Cathay Pacific gave away a total of 1,000 air tickets as part of "100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong". The senders of the 300 shortlisted reasons each received a round-trip Economy Class air ticket. Senders of the final top 100 reasons were each awarded two additional round-trip Economy Class air tickets. A lucky draw among voters who are residents of Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan determined another 400 winners of round-trip Economy Class tickets.