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Cathay Pacific takes "100 Reasons We love Hong Kong" campaign into final stage

17 Jul 2007

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced the climax of its "100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong" online campaign. 300 entries - out of more than 20,000 submitted during the past four weeks - have been shortlisted for the final stage, where the official judging panel together with the rest of the world will decide on the best 100 reasons to love Hong Kong.

From now until 29 July, members of the public are invited to view and vote for their favourite submissions on the campaign website at www.welovehongkong.hk.  Participants will also earn a chance to qualify for a lucky draw to win air tickets from Cathay Pacific or Dragonair.

The "100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong" campaign was organised to coincide with celebrations to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. People from around the world were invited to submit, in words or pictures, the reasons why they love Hong Kong.

Many different reasons were highlighted in the entries, ranging from the regular tourist attractions and transport network to the city's food, culture, people and spirit. The entries also came in different formats, including poetry, letters, recipes, riddles, sketches and paintings. More than half of the entries came from Hong Kong residents. Of the rest, the highest contribution came from North America, with significant numbers coming from Mainland China, Singapore and Australia.

During the review process, the judges comprising of Mr Peter Moss, Mr Robert Chow, Ms Carol Lam, Mr Chip Tsao, Mr Andrew Chan and Mr Dane Cheng were extremely impressed by both the quantity of entries and by the thought, passion and creativity employed by the participants.

Mr Robert Chow said: "I was surprised to find people using a lot of symbolism.  Participants have subtly communicated sentimental and very personal reasons for loving Hong Kong. We have seen a lot of creativity and imagination."

Mr Chip Tsao added: "The tangible and intangible reasons from these shortlisted entries will enable people to see Hong Kong from different angles and help them relate to the sentimental or materialistic values." 

Amongst the outstanding entries is a photo entry of a black and white swan that conveyed Hong Kong is a justice society that's free of corruption while another entry related a story during SARS which highlighted the unity and fighting spirit of Hong Kong people, even during times of crisis. A senior citizen expressed his love for the city that has given him a lifetime of memories now that his wife had passed away. Others love Hong Kong's way of life and conveyed it through images of clothes hanging out to dry in public housing to even the city’s traffic jam.

Cathay Pacific is giving away a total of 1,000 air tickets for the "100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong" campaign. The senders of the 300 shortlisted reasons will each be awarded a round-trip Economy Class air ticket. A combination of public voting and the scoring of the official judging panel will determine the final top 100 reasons, the senders of which will each be awarded two additional round-trip Economy Class air tickets. A lucky draw among voters who are residents of Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan will be held to determine another 400 winners of round-trip Economy Class tickets.