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Cathay Pacific captures classic styles with retro travel bags

27 Mar 2006

Cathay Pacific Airways is reviving retro styles with three collectable classic travel bags from the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s as part of celebrations to mark the airline’s 60th anniversary and six decades of serving and growing with Hong Kong.

In their day, these classic designs were given to passengers to commemorate their flight and were also used by Cathay Pacific cabin crew as their overnight travel bag. Now recreated by the airline in exact detail, the three bags will be available at select outlets from 3 April. The 1950s bag is HK$190 each and the other two are HK$220 each.

“Our classic Cathay Pacific bags were once part of the whole travel experience and will recall good memories for many Hong Kong people of the first times they ever flew,” says Cathay Pacific Marketing Services Manager Daniel Heung who created the range. “The retro style is also very much back in fashion again and will create a buzz among younger style-conscious Hong Kong people too.”

Each replica bag was chosen to recall a key decade in the airline’s development. In the 1950s, Cathay Pacific was still a fledgling airline and served about a dozen destinations with a handful of aircraft. The airline entered the jet age in the 1960s with the Convair 880 aircraft. And in the 1970s, Cathay Pacific experienced tremendous growth, building a fleet of wide-body TriStar aircraft and expanding its network beyond Asia and Australia into the Middle East.

The bags can be purchased from Cathay Pacific’s online shop located in the “Before Your Fly” section of its web site cathaypacific.com, at Cathay Pacific ticketing offices and at a number of other listed outlets. Limited edition collectable models of the airline’s historic aircraft can be purchased from the same outlets as well.

Caption: Cathay Pacific crew (from left) in '70s, '50s and '60s uniforms with retro bags which go on sale from 3 April.