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Cathay Pacific launches third book written by local pilots

14 Mar 2006

Cathay Pacific Airways today launched the third in a series of highly popular books about life in aviation written by a group of 10 local Cathay Pacific pilots.

Flying High III is a collection of 42 Chinese-language articles covering a wide range of topics from general aviation knowledge to snippets from the pilots' lives. The book also carries a diary in the life of a local Cadet Pilot as he progresses through Cathay Pacific’s 60-week flight training school.

The Flying High series has been a major hit with youngsters. Flying High I and Flying High II became local best sellers and recommended reading by teachers at schools. The first book is already in its 13th edition.

In celebration of Cathay Pacific's 60th anniversary, aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus have made contributions to the latest book. Readers will also be able to email questions about aviation to the pilot authors on a specially created email address “flying_high@cathaypacific.com”.

Royalties from the book’s sale will again be donated to The Sunnyside Club, a charity set up by Cathay Pacific staff in 1987 that cares for mentally and physically handicapped children in Hong Kong.

Flying High III articles first appeared in a weekly column in the Hong Kong Economic Times newspaper. The book, published by ET Press, is priced at HK$68.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Philip Chen said: "It is so exciting to see our pilots share their enthusiasm for aviation with local youngsters. Their stories are an inspiration and their drive to involve youngsters in flying is a goal to which Cathay Pacific remains committed as we continue to develop Hong Kong as a global aviation hub.”