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Cathay Pacific gives away 60th anniversary diamond

17 Oct 2006

Cathay Pacific Airways has given away a sparkling 0.60-carat diamond valued at about HK$38,000 to the winner of an inflight lucky draw celebrating the airline’s 60th (diamond) anniversary.

Passengers flying from 1 July through 15 September received a coupon for the Dazzling Diamond Lucky Draw with every HK$1,000 they spent on inflight sales items.

The winner Mr Ali Hassin Al-Ghandi had travelled on Cathay flight CX733 on 30 July.  His name was picked from a bin of more than 1,000 entries at Cathay Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong by General Manager Inflight Services Mr Peter Langslow.  Mr Ali Hassin Al-Ghandi happily received the 0.60 –carat diamond earlier this month at the airline’s Riyadh office.

Cathay Pacific Inflight Sales & Logistics Manager Cindy Lam said: “It was a perfect way to celebrate our diamond 60th anniversary with passengers and added sparkle to our inflight shopping experience.  Our thanks go to the renowned jeweller Toscow for providing this beautiful gem. We will continue to work with more partners in creating fun and excitement onboard Cathay Pacific.”

The latest inflight sales promotion, “Whisky on the Rock”, will appeal to anyone who loves fine Scotch and music ahead of the festive season.  One out of every 12 bottles of Macallan 12-year-old Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky contains a redemption coupon for an Apple 512MB iPOD Shuffle.  It is anticipated to generate vast interest again during the promotion period of 1 October to 31 December.