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Cathay Pacific Special Advice For Passengers Following Flight Cancellations Today

03 Aug 2006

Cathay Pacific Airways has issued special advice for those passengers who were affected by the airline’s cancellation of flights in Hong Kong today due to adverse weather conditions, and for passengers who are booked on flights due to depart Friday.

Passengers whose flights were cancelled today are advised not to go to the airport. They should instead call the enquiry hotlines (see below) at least four hours before the departure of the same flight on Friday. The airline will make every effort to try to rebook them onto another flight, though most flights are already heavily booked due to this being a peak season for travel.

Each Hong Kong resident passenger with a booking who couldn’t get on a flight today would have been given an ex-gratia payment of HK$500 to cover transport and other costs. Strenuous efforts are also being made to find overnight accommodation for overseas passengers who couldn’t depart today, though hotel rooms are in short supply. Cathay Pacific has deployed additional staff to assist those passengers who are unable to find hotel accommodation and will need to stay overnight at the airport with food vouchers, water, blankets and other assistance.

Passengers with confirmed bookings for flights on Friday should also call the enquiry hotlines before going to the airport. The airline will do what it can to ensure as many passengers as possible get away, though it will take some time to return all aircraft to Hong Kong and recover the schedule.

Cathay Pacific regrets the inconvenience to all passengers who were hoping to travel to or from Hong Kong today. The airline’s top priority now is to return to normal services as soon as possible. The airline cancelled the arrival and departure of all flights to and from Hong Kong until 0900 tomorrow morning (Friday, 4 August) following excessive winds in and around Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok today. Strong southeasterly winds and gust levels that do not permit safe arrivals or departures have been experienced throughout the day.

Out of a total of some 240 scheduled passenger and freighter aircraft movements today only 12 arrived in Hong Kong while just 19 were able to depart. Another 42 flights were diverted to airports around the region.

Chinese language: 2747 8888
English language: 2747 8999