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Cathay Pacific serves “Best Chinese Food In The Air” from top Hong Kong Restaurants

20 Feb 2006

Cathay Pacific Airways today teamed up with Hong Kong’s top Chinese restaurants in its biggest ever promotion to serve the “Best Chinese Food in the Air” to passengers on all flights departing Hong Kong from 1 March through 31 December 2006.

About 100 special dishes will be offered inflight as the airline celebrates 60 years of serving Hong Kong – and being named “Airline of the Year 2006”.

Cathay Pacific usually collaborates with one restaurant group for this unique annual event. To mark this special year it is joined by eight partners including:

  • Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
  • Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant
  • Lei Garden Restaurant
  • One Harbour Road, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
  • Peking Garden Restaurant
  • T'ang Court, Langham Hotel Hong Kong
  • Yung Kee Restaurant, and
  • Cathay Pacific Catering Services

Each restaurant will feature some of its signature dishes, including Deluxe Seafood Dumpling, Sauteed Wild Mushrooms and Shrimps in XO Sauce, Pan-fried Prawns with Spring Onion in Carrot Sauce and Braised Seabass with Preserved Gooseberry.

During the first three days of the promotion from 1 to 3 March, and to mark the airline’s 60th Anniversary year, First and Business Class passengers on all flights and Economy Class passengers on long-haul routes will also be treated to a traditional Chinese-style hot birthday bun. The sweet will be served throughout September, the airline’s birthday month, as well.

Cathay Pacific Director Service Delivery Quince Chong said: “In Chinese culture, turning 60 is celebrated by throwing a banquet for family and friends. With this year’s ‘Best Chinese Food in the Air’ promotion we are celebrating our 60th Anniversary by offering a superb choice from the menus of the city’s finest Chinese restaurants. As the Airline of the Year it is another way we can express our commitment to offer the very best service and dining to all our passengers.”

About Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
Celestial Court is renowned for its authentic and exquisite Chinese cuisine and hand-prepared dim sum with a wide selection of delicate Chinese tea, in an ambience of true Oriental luxury. With the innovation and flair of Chef Chan Sui Kei, the restaurant has won 2 Gold Medals and 1 Gold with Distinction Medal from “Best of the Best Culinary Awards” organized by Hong Kong Tourism Board, and been selected as one of the “Hong Kong Best Restaurant” for the past few years.

About Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant
Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant was founded in 1971 and was the first to introduce the creative concept of “Chinese Food, Western Service” in Hong Kong. The Restaurant is renowned for its authentic dim sum and innovative Cantonese delicacies, including Pomfret Fillets with Two Flavours, Braised Shrimps & Bean Curd Layers with Shallots, Deep-fried Sesame Balls – awarding dishes of the “Best of the Best Culinary Awards” organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. In 2005, its Sauteed Sliced Beef was awarded in the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic hosted by HOFEX. Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant is one of the many brands of Hong Kong Maxim’s Group, the largest catering conglomerate in Hong Kong operating now over 60 brands and around 400 outlets, while serving more than 480,000 people every day.

About Lei Garden Restaurant
With over 30 years of history, Lei Garden Restaurant Group is known as one of the most premium Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. The group puts the benefits of customers as the first priority, thus they seek for perfection in all aspects — from the choice of ingredients to the cooking steps and skills, aiming to provide customers with superb food quality, premium services and a fine dining experience. Lei Garden has also been constantly creating new dishes by infusing the essence of overseas culinary into its Cantonese dishes, earning for it high reputation in the catering industry.

About One Harbour Road, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
The award-winning One Harbour Road at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong offers home-style Cantonese cuisine in an elegant re-creation of a Taipan’s Peak Mansion in the 1930’s with unparalleled views of the renowned Victoria Harbour. Chef’s Table within the restaurant’s kitchen is available for a unique dining experience where guests will enjoy tailor-made menus, personalised attention from Chef Li Shu-tim while having a rare glimpse into the workings of a Chinese kitchen, passing through the Wok, Dim Sum and Roast sections.

About Peking Garden Restaurant
Founded in 1978, Peking Garden Restaurant is famous for its crispy yet juicy Peking Duck and a wide variety of Peking cuisine from traditional royal dishes to local specials. The restaurant was amongst the first to introduce “La Mian” noodle-making demonstration and has been awarded one of “Hong Kong’s Best Restaurants” by Hong Kong Tatler for 18 consecutive years, recognizing its artistic presentation of Peking cuisine. Peking Garden Restaurant is one of the many brands of Hong Kong Maxim’s Group, the largest catering conglomerate in Hong Kong operating now over 60 brands and around 400 outlets, while serving more than 480,000 people every day

About T’ang Court, Langham Hotel Hong Kong
Multi-award winning T'ang Court at the Langham Hotel Hong Kong was named by the US’s Gourmet Magazine as one of the “World’s Best Hotel Dining Rooms” in May 2004, and one of the “World’s Top Ten Hotel Restaurants” by the US’s HOTELS Magazine in 2002. The restaurant was a two-time Gold Medal winner in the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s “Best of the Best Culinary Awards” in 2001 and 2002 respectively. It is also one of only ten restaurants worldwide on the US Travel & Leisure magazine’s annual Hot List of the “World’s 100 Fabulous Places to go and Things to do”.

About Yung Kee Restaurant
Having grown alongside Hong Kong over the past 64 years, Yung Kee Restaurant actively promotes the local Chinese culinary culture to the world. In 2000, it was invited by the Cathay Pacific to cooperate in the launch of “Best Chinese Food in the Air” programme, and the two partners joined hands again in 2002. With its house specialty roasted goose and authentic Chinese cuisine, Yung Kee Restaurant has rightly earned its international fame. In 1968, Fortune Magazine named it as one of the “Top 15 Restaurants in the World”, and from 1986 until now, the institution has won over 70 culinary awards and most recently, the “Hong Kong Top Service Brand” award.