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Tourism Coalition of Hong Kong to help tsunami victims

14 Jan 2005

The Tourism Coalition of Hong Kong today announced an initiative to help rebuild the tourism industry in areas hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami through its new “We Care For South Asia” campaign.

The Coalition originally created the “We Love Hong Kong” campaign during the SARS crisis to help get Hong Kong’s economy back on its feet and city life back to normal.

Members have mobilised once again to demonstrate the Hong Kong tourism industry’s support for those affected by the tsunami and support the rebuilding process of the tourism industry in affected areas.

The campaign will start from 14 January (Friday) and will last until 23 January. A special web site www.wecare4southasia.com has also been set up to publicise this campaign and give details of the various fund raising initiatives.

The Tourism Coalition includes the Board of Airline Representatives, Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners, Hong Kong Hotels Association and Travel Industry Council.

Many companies have already made contributions to help tsunami victims. It is hoped that by working together under the “We Care For South Asia” banner, members will be able to achieve bigger impacts.

Convenor of the Coalition Philip Chen said: “The initial emergency period may be over but the real work of rebuilding after the disaster has only just begun. Many of the areas affected depend greatly on tourism, so it seems only right that Hong Kong’s tourism industry do what it can to lend a hand and help South Asia’s tourism back on its feet again.”

Mr Chen added: “Many companies in our industry have already made generous individual contributions to this cause. By coming together in the Coalition we hope to share and learn from our experiences and work more effectively together for the benefit of those who need our help.”

Below is a list of the supporting organizations:-

Supporting Hotels

- The Hong Kong Hotels Association and the Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners have also called for support from the hotels to donate 5% of their room revenue on 23rd January and encourage their room guests to donate one US dollar from 15th January to 15th February.

Supporting Travel Agents

- More than 33 travel agents

Supporting Airlines
- More than 12 airlines

Coalition Member Contact

Board of Airline Representatives
Gilbert Chow, Deputy Chairman, (852) 2848 1229

Hong Kong Hotels Association
James Lu, Executive Director, (852) 2378 3322

Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners
Michael Li, Executive Director, (852) 2369 1887

Travel Industry Council
Joseph Tung, Executive Director, (852) 2807 2645

The Tourism Coalition of Hong Kong
Ms Kandy Chan, Corp Comm Manager (Public Relations) (852) 2747-5211

Please visit www.wecare4southasia.com for press release and pictures of the press conference