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Cathay Pacific helping to strengthen Hong Kong’s status as an international aviation and logistics hub

12 Jan 2005

In his Policy Address to the Legislative Council today, Chief Executive Tung Chee-Hwa further reiterated that the direction of Hong Kong’s future development “must leverage on the staunch support of the Mainland”. Hong Kong, Mr Tung said, must engage itself globally and develop into a world city providing quality services for the Mainland, Asia and the world.

Cathay Pacific Airways supports the positioning and development direction outlined by Mr Tung. The airline welcomes the Government’s continued commitment to promote economic development, pursue measures to consolidate core industries, bolster and sustain the economic prosperity of Hong Kong, improve the business operating environment, and create more employment opportunities for the people of Hong Kong.

To make Hong Kong a truly cosmopolitan city and to ensure continued economic growth, it is imperative that Hong Kong develops into a global aviation and logistics hub. To achieve this goal, local carriers have a special role to play – they need to continue to invest actively and grow continuously. Cathay Pacific has already pledged its support by committing to acquire 11 more aircraft and hire 1,500 new staff in 2005. The airline will also continue to expand its network and services as part of its long-term commitment to, and confidence in, Hong Kong

Responding to the Chief Executive’s comments, Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Philip Chen said: “We fully support the Government’s focus to promote development, employment and economic growth; and to maintain Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.

“As Hong Kong’s home carrier, Cathay Pacific is serious in its mission to help make Hong Kong a global aviation hub, an international logistics centre and a prime travel destination. We agree with the Government that a thriving tourism industry will encourage the development of related industries, and we welcome the Government’s commitment to enhance the competitiveness of these industries regionally and globally.

“The continued prosperity of Hong Kong requires different industries to work towards the same goal of contributing to the future of the city.”