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Cathay Pacific wins award for providing a smoke-free workplace at its Hong Kong Headquarters

06 Jan 2005

Cathay Pacific Airways today received a Grand Award from the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) for providing a smoke-free environment for its employees. The recognition came at the Hong Kong Smoke Free Workplace Leading Company Awards 2004, organised by COSH in conjunction with Radio Television Hong Kong.

When Cathay City, the airline’s Hong Kong headquarters, opened in 1998, all internal spaces - including offices, eating areas, meeting rooms and the complex’s main thoroughfare, The Street – were designated as no-smoking areas. Prominent signage throughout Cathay City highlights the fact that lighting up in the building is off limits.

The airline’s no-smoking policy also extends to all of its flights, which have been completely smoke-free since October 1998.

Cathay Pacific’s Environmental Services Manager Linden Coppell said: “We are very pleased to receive this recognition from COSH. At Cathay City we have made a big effort to provide a safe, clean and comfortable working environment for our staff in Hong Kong, which includes a strict no-smoking policy within the building.”

The airline closely monitors indoor air quality at Cathay City, and was recently granted Indoor Air Quality Certification under the scheme run by the Hong Kong Government. Certification was granted following a detailed monitoring of air quality throughout the facility.

COSH Chairman Dr Homer Tso says that as a leading local brand and employer, Cathay Pacific is setting a good example through its no-smoking policy. “Being a responsible employer, Cathay Pacific provides a healthy, safe working environment for its staff and also a comfortable smoke-free environment for passengers on its flights. The number of people benefiting from this has a huge impact on society,” says Dr Tso.