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Cathay Pacific commences training for Air China cabin crew

18 Jan 2005

Cathay Pacific Airways today welcomed the first batch of Air China cabin crew trainees to begin a 12-month training secondment with Cathay Pacific.

This follows an agreement reached in September last year, under which Cathay Pacific will train 80 Air China crew before they return to Beijing to resume their careers as flight attendants at their own airline. They will arrive at Cathay Pacific in four groups of 20. The second group will arrive later this year

The trainees will attend and need to pass a stringent induction training course undertaken by Cathay Pacific cabin crew recruits to learn about in-flight safety and service and communication skills. After seven weeks’ training, they will then work as regular uniformed crew on Cathay Pacific flights under the guidance of assigned mentors to gain practical experience.

The Air China training programme is similar to the one for China Eastern Airlines cabin crew started in November 2002. The first batch of 40 China Eastern trainees is about to complete their training with Cathay Pacific in May, with a second batch of 40 trainees due to arrive next month.

Cathay Pacific Career Development and Resourcing Manager Patton Chan said: “Both the Cathay Pacific and Air China crew stand to gain a great deal from the programme. Air China trainees will have a chance to learn more about the operating procedures, products and strategy of an international airline, and Cathay Pacific staff will be able to gain a better understanding of Chinese Mainland people and cultural sensitivities.”

The training arrangement builds on the longstanding relationship developed between Cathay Pacific and Mainland carriers. The airline has also been in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in senior management training for the past 10 years. The training for senior managers aligns with the increasing demand for civil aviation management professionals and will facilitate an exchange of knowledge and experience that will help enhance each organisation’s international competitiveness.

Over the past decade 58 managers have been seconded to Cathay Pacific from CAAC, the North China Regional Administration and East China Regional Administration of CAAC, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China Northern Airlines, China Xinjiang Airlines, China Yunnan Airlines, CNAC Zhejiang Airlines, China Southwest Airlines, China Northwest Airlines and the Civil Aviation University of China.

Cathay Pacific welcomes the first batch of Air China cabin crew trainees to begin a 12-month training secondment with Cathay Pacific. From left at the front are Cathay Pacific General Manager China Affairs Raymond Yuen, Air China Vice President Yang Li-hua, Cathay Pacific Director Service Delivery Quince Chong and Cathay Pacific Director Personnel William Chau. Air China cabin crew trainees are delighted to start their 12-month training at Cathay Pacific.