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Cathay Pacific showcases ‘Asia’s world city’ at Farnborough

26 Jul 2004

Cathay Pacific Airways’ unique “Asia’s world city” livery jumbo performed a dramatic flypast display on Sunday at the Farnborough International Air Show, the first time that Hong Kong has had a headlining role at the world’s biggest aviation event.

The aircraft, a Boeing 747-400, performed slow and high-speed flypasts at an altitude of just 600 feet, pulling away steeply in a sharp banking turn giving a rare close-up display of grace and power before thousands of air enthusiasts. “Asia’s world city” was also on static display at the show ground for most of the day.

Cathay Pacific was invited to Farnborough to help celebrate the centenary of aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce. Cathay Pacific, very much a pioneer in the commercial aviation world, was a launch customer for the Boeing 747-400 and tested the first prototype aircraft fitted with the Rolls-Royce RB211-524 engine, now used widely by airlines around the world.

The “Asia’s world city” aircraft was specially chosen to promote Hong Kong at the event. Its livery, created to mark the fifth year of the establishment of the Hong Kong SAR, features Hong Kong’s fiery dragon logo, symbolising the dynamic spirit of the city. Green and blue waves running down the aircraft’s back represent the land and oceans over which it flies.

Cathay Pacific Director and Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen said: “A dramatic display by our ‘Asia's world city’ for the first time put Hong Kong centre stage of this important world event. Cathay Pacific has a proud 58-year history in Hong Kong and a 30-year association with Rolls-Royce. As Hong Kong’s airline, we were delighted to celebrate both at the world’s biggest air show. With Cathay Pacific pioneering the use of Rolls-Royce engines on the Boeing 747-400 it was fitting that we appear at Farnborough.”

Cathay Pacific's 'Asia's world city' aircraft on static display at the
Farnborough International Air Show, UK.
Take-off from Farnborough
The undercarriage comes up in the slow flypastHigh-speed flypast