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Change for Good Day raised over HK$130,000 for UNICEF

08 Jun 2004

“Change for Good Day” on 5 and 6 June 2004 have raised over HK$130,000 for UNICEF. Last weekend, Cathay Pacific pilots and staff leaders led more than 250 members from the Cathay Pacific “I Can Fly” programme to help spread the Change for Good message: “A small change make a big difference” while collecting local and foreign currencies donations from the public. The fundraising event was co-organised by Cathay Pacific Airways and UNICEF.

The organisers thank all donors for their support and contributions. The money raised will be used to support UNICEF’s relief programmes for children in over 150 developing countries worldwide. As part of Cathay Pacific’s commitment to the local community, a portion of the weekend proceeds will go to the Cathay Pacific Wheelchair Bank, which purchases specially adapted wheelchairs from overseas for Hong Kong children suffering from neuromuscular disease.

Cathay Pacific Director and Chief Operating Officer Mr Philip Chen said: “As the Hong Kong’s airline, Cathay Pacific is committed to serving the community. We are pleased to work with UNICEF to organise the “Change for Good Day” to help raise funds for needy children. Our appreciations go to the donors as well as our young volunteers.” Dr. Robert Fung, Chairman of the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF, also expressed his sincerest gratitude to Cathay Pacific Airways and her staff for supporting UNICEF.

Some 30,000 children around the world die everyday because of preventable diseases such as measles, pertussis, tentanus, turberculosis and diarrhoea. As little as HK$120 will go a long way in helping to save a child’s life. At the “Change for Good Day” Opening Ceremony on 5 June, Mr Philip Chen also solicited the support from Hong Kong’s 6.8 million citizens to donate HK$0.50 everyday (i.e. only HK$15 a month) to help these needy children.

Cathay Pacific and UNICEF have been working together since 1991 on the “Change for Good” inflight fundraising programme. It collects travellers' leftover foreign currencies to support UNICEF’s relief programmes for children in developing countries around the world.

“Change for Good Day” is the sixth theme event of Cathay Pacific’s “I Can Fly” Programme. The programme invites local youngsters aged between 13 and 18, who are passionate about aviation and interested in community service and voluntary work, to take part in a series of aviation and social service activities. These youngsters are led by Cathay Pacific pilots throughout the programme year.
Cathay Pacific pilots and staff leaders lead “I Can Fly” members in collecting donations from the public during the two-day fund-raising activity. Cathay Pacific staff volunteers and “Change for Good Day” ambassadors thank generous donors for their contributions.