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Cathay Pacific transports Chinese tiger cubs to ‘rewilding’ camp

28 Oct 2004

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced it is to transport a second pair of endangered Chinese Tigers from China to South Africa in support of the Save China’s Tigers conservation programme.

The cubs, seven-month-old Tiger Woods and six-month-old Madonna, were born in Shanghai Zoo. They were named in a competition judged by Save China’s Tigers patron Michelle Yeoh and other celebrities.

The tigers will be transported to South Africa on 29 October in order to be taught how to fend for themselves in the wild before being returned to their natural habitat in China.

Cathay Pacific transported the first pair of cubs, Cathay and Hope, to South Africa last year, and they are now making progress in Save China’s Tigers “rewilding” programme. In all, the airline hopes to transport 5 to 10 cubs.

Cathay Pacific Country Manager Southern Africa and Indian Ocean, Dominic Perret said: "As the namesake of Cathay, we are proud to continue our support for Save China's Tigers work to secure such a beautiful big cat's survival. We wish them the best of luck."

Cathay Pacific has a comprehensive environmental policy that integrates business decision-making processes with environmental considerations. As well as the Save China’s Tigers programme, the airline has for the past 10 years sponsored the annual Cathay Pacific International Wilderness Experience Programme in which young people from Asia to join a special ecological safari in South Africa.

The “young passenger,” still looking smart after their three-hour trip, relaxing in Hong Kong International Airport Live Animal Room before the second half of their journey to South Africa and the rewilding camp.
Tiger Woods and Madonna in containers are the first two passengers to be disembarked from Cathay Pacific’s Beijing-Hong Kong flight, CX 317, at 1130am.
And they also have a cute and cuddy side!
Tiger cubs can look as wild as fully grown tigers…