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Cathay Pacific operations normal though disruption possible (1:00pm)

16 Jul 2004

Cathay Pacific Airways confirms that today's services have so far not been disrupted by the approach of Typhoon Kompasu.

Conditions will be closely monitored as the typhoon approaches Hong Kong this afternoon. Current forecasts suggest that some services may be disrupted as the typhoon makes landfall. However, whether or not they are will depend on actual conditions.

Cathay Pacific will provide more information as it becomes available.

The airline's Internet check-in service remains suspended until further notice. Cathay Pacific's Passenger Hotlines are open and passengers are advised to call the following numbers to check the status of arriving and departing flights before they go to the airport, or check the arrival and departure information posted on the airline's web site at www.cathaypacific.com

Passenger Hotlines:
Chinese language: 2747 8888
English language: 2747 8999

Updated information will be provided when available.