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Cathay Pacific backs "We Love HK" campaign with $1,000 deal

28 Apr 2003

Cathay Pacific Airways today threw its weight behind the "We Love HK" campaign to get Hong Kong's economy back on its feet with a special offer of 2,000 round-trip tickets to selected Asian destinations at only $1,000 each.

All anyone has to do to qualify for this deal is present receipts to prove they have spent at least $1,000 with a local tour company, hotel, restaurant or retail outlet between 1 May and 31 May 2003. Cathay Pacific will then issue that person a certificate enabling them to purchase a round-trip Cathay Pacific ticket at their local travel agent from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul or Denpasar in Bali.

The $1,000 purchase must include either joining a local sightseeing tour organised by a travel agent registered with the Hong Kong Trade Industry Council (HKTIC), or buying a local hotel package sold through a registered travel agent of the HKTIC. A maximum of $300 spent at a retail outlet will count towards the $1,000 total spending.

The offer is part of the "We Love HK" campaign created by the Tourism Coalition, which groups the Board of Airline Representatives, Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners, Hong Kong Hotels Association and the Travel Industry Council.

With fewer visitors coming to Hong Kong because of SARS and many local people staying at home, the Coalition hopes that extra discounts and incentives offered by campaign participants will galvanize Hong Kong people to get out and spend money in order to give the local economy a boost and get life back to normal.

Cathay Pacific will issue the ticket certificate in the name of the customer and only that person will be allowed to fly on the special $1,000 air ticket. It is not transferable. Travel agents issuing the tickets will charge $100 for processing and taxes and other service charges are extra. Outbound travel must be before 30 June 2003.

Cathay Pacific Director and Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen said: "With so few visitors arriving in Hong Kong it is even more important that Hong Kong people get out and spend some money to rebuild the local economy and get life back to normal. As Hong Kong's airline Cathay Pacific will do everything to assist Hong Kong's recovery. We hope that this super $1,000 round-trip ticket offer will give people an added incentive to spend money with tour companies, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets, in addition to the great value offers they are already getting from these businesses."

No registration is required. Any shop or business that wishes to join the campaign can display the Campaign logo in their window. To download logo, please click here.
For press release issued from Tourism Coalition regarding "We Love HK" Campaign Summary, please click here.