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Cathay Pacific organises the first-ever aviation fun fair

19 Oct 2003

More than 600 guests from different social backgrounds are invited to take part in Cathay Pacific’s first-ever Aviation Fun Fair in Cathay City today (Sunday 19 October 2003).

The Fun Fair marks the first large-scale charity event under the Cathay Pacific ‘I Can Fly’ Programme. Over 200 I Can Fly members along with their parents, Cathay Pacific staff volunteers, pilots and students from the HK Polytechnic University received more than 300 members from underprivileged groups. These include children from residential care home, new immigrant kids, visually impaired elderly, mentally retarded people, physically disabled children and living-alone elders.

At the Aviation Fun Fair, participants visited various facilities within Cathay City, including the staff hotel, cabin mock-up, flight simulator and flight safety training centre. Cathay Pacific pilots also held two aviation workshops for the groups, which demonstrated the basic principles of flying by performing simple aviation-related experiments. Such workshops included air engine and straw rockets.

There was also a display of over 20 pieces of aviation projects at Cathay City, which were all worked out by ‘I Can Fly’ members. These projects have been carefully examined by Cathay Pacific pilots and are effective in demonstrating the basic principles of flying and aviation, such as aerodynamics, engines and meteorology.

Volunteers also held several game booths, which included making paper planes, taking Polaroid pictures with pilots, calligraphy and magic shows.

Cathay Pacific's 'I Can Fly' Programme is a new education concept combining the essence of social service and aviation know-how. Cathay Pacific pilots lead 'I Can Fly' members in a series of aviation and social service activities throughout the programme year. Along with the pilots, member teams design and implement self-designed social service activities with aviation elements.

Outstanding members of the 'I Can Fly' programme also have the chance to take part in extra rewarding activities like model plane flying, orienteering activity and simulator flying. Towards the end of the programme year, members who did exceptionally well will also have the chance to go overseas to fly an aeroplane in Australia or to personally experience the manufacturing process of an aircraft in France or the USA.

Cathay Pacific pilots, “I Can Fly” members (in green t-shirts) and some of the 300 visitors from disadvantaged groupsSmiling faces at the Cathay Pacific “I Can Fly” Programme first theme event - Warm Families
“I Can Fly” members took visitors on a Cathay City tour, include a visit to the aircraft cabin mock-ups A Cathay Pacific pilot demonstrates basic aerodynamic principles to elderly people by using straw rockets