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Tourism Coalition Announces "We Love HK" Campaign

28 Apr 2003

Hong Kong's economy has suffered greatly because of SARS. The drastic drop in the number of visitors means that there has been a huge drop in the amount of money being spent here, and Hong Kong people themselves have been reluctant to go shop, dine and spend like they normally do. The aviation, hotel, tourism and catering industries have been particularly hard hit, though every Hong Kong business is seeing hard times.

With less money coming into Hong Kong we have to look to our own resources to get our economy moving.

The Tourism Coalition of Hong Kong, made up of members of the tourism industry, including the Board of Airline Representatives, Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners, Hong Kong Hotels Association and Travel Industry Council, has come together to help Hong Kong do just that. The Hong Kong Tourism Commission and the Hong Kong Tourism Board welcome the campaign.

The Coalition's "We Love HK" campaign is a community-wide operation aimed at encouraging the public to "get out and spend" in order to help make up for lost dollars from visitors, encourage Hong Kong people to get their own lives back to normal and give the local economy a much needed boost.

The unique part about this campaign is that business will offer incentives for people to spend money with other companies in a bid to get cash moving through the economy. Everyone who takes part ¡V traders and shoppers ¡V stands to gain.

The campaign will start 1 May and is planned to run through 31 May.

Any business ¡V not just ones in the tourism sector ¡V can take part. All any shop or business has to do is obtain the ¡§We Love HK¡¨ logo and display on their window. Every business that takes part must offer extra discounts, privileges or incentives to encourage people to spend money. Offers may vary at different businesses. The public can check with the respective business for details.

Convenor of the Coalition Mr Philip Chen said: ¡§We have to look to our own resources to get the Hong Kong economy back on its feet. I hope that many more businesses will get on board and the Hong Kong people everywhere get out to enjoy themselves, spend some money and help get life back to normal."

The airlines are among the companies to have led the coalition¡¦s initiative. Cathay Pacific Airways has already agreed to provide exclusive award offer on air fares from Hong Kong to selected Asian destinations at a price of HK$ 1,000 only.

Below is a list of the supporting organisations. Many more will be advised shortly.

Supporting Hotels
Close to 80 Hong Kong hotels
Supporting Travel Agents
More than 1,300 travel agents
Supporting Airlines
Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Northwest Airlines, Air Canada, Qantas, Finnair, Virgin Atlantic

Supporting Entertainment Groups
Ocean Park
Star Cruise
Supporting Retail Group
Quality Tourism Services Scheme
Supporting Catering Groups
Hong Kong Catering Industry Association
Association of Restaurant Managers
Estates¡¦ Restaurants (H.K.) Merchant Association
Hong Kong Federation of Restaurant & Related Trades
Hong Kong Catering Management
The Sai Kung Food & Beverages Association
Hong Kong & Kowloon Vermicelli & Noodle Manufacturing Industry Merchants¡¦ General Association
Chiu Chow Overseas Food Trade Merchants Association
Supporting Organisations
Hong Kong Tourism Commission
Hong Kong Tourism Board