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Cathay Pacific is once again Hong Kong's top provider in high quality products and services

18 Dec 2003

Cathay Pacific Airways has once again been named one of Hong Kong's best companies and Hong Kong's leader in providing quality services and products. The results was announced by the Far Eastern Economic Review today for its "Review 200" survey.

Respondents, mainly readers in senior management positions, were asked to rate more than 150 selected companies from 12 countries across the region according to a specified list of attributes. They include high quality services or products, management with a long-term vision, innovative in responding to customers' needs, financially sound and a company that others try to emulate.

Among leading Hong Kong companies, the airline was ranked number two for overall leadership. In the individually ranked leadership categories, Cathay Pacific was ranked number-one in terms of offering "High quality services or product". It was ranked second in the "Companies that others try to emulate" category, and also placed third in the "Innovative in responding to customers' needs" category.

The airline was awarded similar accolades in last year's Review 200. In recent months, Cathay Pacific has been given a vote of confidence by the trade, business community as well as customers from all over the world for its products and services, cargo, investor relations, crisis management and outstanding leadership. The airline was also named "Airline of the Year" as well as "Best Airline – Asia" and "Best Airline – Transpacific" in the Skytrax survey, where more than 4.4 million passengers took part.

Cathay Pacific Director & Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen said: "We are delighted with the results and credit goes to all Cathay Pacific staff for their commitment and hard work. As Hong Kong's airline, we remain committed to giving all customers our best and we will continue to work hard to improve our products and services."