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Cathay Pacific to serve Chinese New Year delicacies on board

24 Jan 2003

To celebrate the Lunar New Year - the most important Chinese festival - Cathay Pacific Airways will be offering two festive snacks - Rice Pudding and Turnip Pudding - to First and Business Class passengers on selected long haul routes from Hong Kong from Chinese New Year's Eve until the fourth day of the New Year (31 January - 4 February 2003). From 1-3 February passengers in all classes will also receive a gift box of special New Year snacks.

These rice puddings have a special significance in Chinese culture, and reflect the desire to rise in rank or reach greater prosperity year after year. Both puddings were created by Hong Kong's Jade Garden restaurant. The sweet Jade Garden Glutinous Rice Pudding is flavored with Red Dates while the savory Jade Garden Turnip Pudding features Preserved Meat and Dried Scallop.

Hong Kong's Jade Garden Restaurant was founded in 1971, and is renowned for its authentic Cantonese cuisine.

During the first three days of February all passengers will also receive decorative boxes containing festive snacks to help make sure the coming year will be lucky and prosperous. In First and Business Class passengers the gift box contains Deep Fried Dumplings, Deep fried Sesame Balls and Honey Coated Walnuts. In Economy Class the box contain the Deep Fried Dumplings - also referred to as Sweet Golden Pockets.

Everyone at Cathay Pacific wishes you a very happy, and prosperous Year of the Goat!

Captions: (left)Rice Pudding (right)Turnip Pudding