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More Airlines Announce "We Love HK" Campaign Offers

02 May 2003

More airlines today announced special offers as part of the "We Love HK" campaign to help Hong Kong's economy get over SARS as evidence emerges that the drive has triggered a surge in spending at travel agents hotels, restaurants and stores.

Air Canada is offering 500 tickets to Vancouver and Toronto for $3,000 and $4,000 respectively and Finnair is offering 200 tickets to Bangkok at $900.

Air New Zealand today became the 12th airline to enlist in the campaign with an offer of 500 return tickets to Auckland for $3,000.

Closer to home, near 40 taxi associations have offered their enthusiastic support to the programme. With immediate effect, taxi receipts will also count to proof of having spent $1,000 to qualify for special deals.

"The taxi trade fully supports 'We Love HK' campaign because it is a win-win situation," says Ms Miriam Lau, Lego Member of the Transport Constituency. "It will bring more rides to the trade and citizens can make more spendings."

Business across Hong Kong has reported an upturn in business. According to the Travel Industry Council, over 200 local tours were booked on the first day on the campaign ¡V more than 6-fold increase on the normal local tour booking business. The Council expects that a similar number of tours will be snapped up by the following weekends.

Merchants who would like to take part can simply download the campaign logo from the website (www.welovehongkong.com) and make offers on their own. Logos should be displayed at their shops. The website contains full details of the various offers.

A programme hotline (1836 168) has also been set up to answer public queries. The hotline runs from 9am to 5pm on a daily basis, courtesy of PCCW.

The "We Love HK" campaign is initiated by the Tourism Coalition of Hong Kong, which includes the Board of Airline Representatives, Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners, Hong Kong Hotels Association and Travel Industry Council.

The Coalition's "We Love HK" campaign is a community-wide operation aimed at encouraging the public to "get out and spend" in order to encourage Hong Kong people to get their own lives back to normal and give the local economy a much needed boost. The campaign runs from 1-31 May 2003.
Below is a brief summary of the airline ticket offers:

Cathay Pacific Airways
Offers:2,000 round trip tickets to Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul or Denpasar for just HK$1,000
Redemption Period:1 May-7 Jun; 0900 - 1800
Redemption Location:Hong Kong Station, Airport Express Line

Qantas Holiday
Offers:HK$1,000 price reduction for purchase of any Qantas Holidays tour products from Hong Kong to Sydney
Redemption Period:1-31 May
Redemption Location:Qantas Holidays Office

Hong Kong Dragonair
Offers:HK$1,000 offer for tickets to Phuket
Redemption Period:1 May-14 June
Redemption Location:Ticketing Counter, Unit 4611, Cosco Tower, 183 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Air China
-600 Economy Class return air tickets from Hong Kong to Beijing or Dalian at HK$999
-400 Economy Class return air tickets from Hong Kong to Cheng Du, Chong Qing, or Gui Yang at HK$799
Redemption Period: ---
Redemption Location: ---

China Southern
Offers:500 Economy Class return air tickets from Hong Kong to Wuhan at HK$900
Redemption Period: ---
Redemption Location:Unit B1, 9/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong

Air New Zealand
Offers:500 Economy Class return air tickets from Hong Kong Auckland at HK$3,000
Redemption Period:1-31 May; 0900 - 1700 Mon-Fri; 0900 - 1245 Sat
Redemption Location:Level 17, Li Po Chun Chamber, 189 Des Voeux Road, Central

Air Canada
Offers:500 Economy Class return air tickets from Hong Kong to Vancouver at HK$3,000 and Toronto at HK$4,000 in total
Redemption Period:1-31 May; 0900-1730 Mon-Fri; 0900-1300 Sat
Redemption Location:Room 1612, Tower 1 New World Tower, 18 Queen's Road Central

Northwest Airlines
Offers:HK$1,000 on any NW Japan Tour Package through Package Tours (HK) Ltd. or Wincastle Travel (HK) Ltd (total of 400 packages)
Redemption Period: ---
Redemption Location:Package Tours (HK ) Ltd or Wincastle Travel (HK) Ltd

Offers:200 Economy Class return air tickets from Hong Kong to Bangkok at HK$900
Redemption Period:1-31 May
Redemption Location:Contact 2117 1238 or 2117 1233

Virgin Atlantic
Offers:300 Economy Class return air tickets from Hong Kong to London at HK$2,500.
Redemption Period: ---
Redemption Location: ---

British Airways
Offers:Economy Class return air tickets from Hong Kong to London at HK$2,500 (unlimited quota)
Redemption Period: ---
Redemption Location:British Airways Travel Shop, 24/F, Jardine House, Central

American Airlines
Offers:300 Economy Class return air tickets from Hong Kong to Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose or Toronto at the price of HK$3,888
Redemption Period:1 May-7 June; Operating Hours: 1000-1700, Mon-Fri
Redemption Location:HK Sales Office, Suite 2907 Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai