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Cathay Pacific to commence services to Beijing

21 Oct 2003

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced that it intends to commence services to Beijing from Tuesday 2 December 2003.

The airline will initially operate three return services a week, departing Hong Kong every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and returning from Beijing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The commencement of services to the capital will mark a major milestone in the airline's ongoing effort to enhance Hong Kong's position as a global aviation hub and primary gateway to China.

Approval for Cathay Pacific to operate services to Beijing comes amid other initiatives aimed at boosting Hong Kong's economy and strengthening its links with the Chinese Mainland, including the implementation of CEPA and allowing individual travellers to visit Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's Air Transport Licensing Authority licensed Cathay Pacific to operate 21 services each week to both Beijing and Shanghai and three weekly services to Xiamen. The airline is keen to operate more flights to the three cities once the necessary additional regulatory approvals have been secured.

With more services the airline would be able to enhance Hong Kong as a gateway to China and global hub by creating the necessary same-carrier connections across its network of international destinations.

Cathay Pacific Director and Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen said: "Cathay Pacific being able to operate three services a week to Beijing is a very important step, but is still just a start. Our flights will deepen links between Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. As we develop our network and services Cathay Pacific will continue to enhance Hong Kong as a global hub and gateway to China, and help to further promote tourism and business in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland."

See flight schedule below, subject to approval.

Flight number Route DEP ARR Day
CX318HKG – BJS 17:5021:002,4,7
CX317BJS-HKG 08:0011:351,3,5