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Cathay Pacific Europe flights routed over Russia

20 Mar 2003

Cathay Pacific Airways announced that all of its flights between Hong Kong and Europe are following routes over China and Russia, well away from the Gulf region. Aircraft have been following these routes for some weeks already.

The airline has also recently temporarily adjusted its twice-weekly Riyadh flight to stop-over in Dubai instead of Bahrain due to the expected downturn in business. Other than this new flight plan, Cathay Pacific continues to maintain its 20 flights a week to the Gulf to Bahrain, Riyadh and Dubai. Cathay Pacific is closely monitoring developments, and flights bound for the Middle East will be adjusted, depending on the situation.

Safety is Cathay Pacific's main priority. Updates with the latest information about our services between Hong Kong and Europe and the Middle East will be posted on our Web site www.cathaypacific.com. The site also contains a map showing trans-Russia routes now being followed by European services. In the meantime, Cathay Pacific passengers may call the following hotlines for enquires:

Chinese-language hotline: (852) 2747-8888
English-language hotline: (852) 2747-8999

This service will be available until further notice.