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"We love HK" campaign to continue for second month

31 May 2003

Thanks to an overwhelming public support, the "We Love HK" campaign to revive Hong Kong's economy is to be expanded and extended for a second month as its focus shifts from travel to the local retail sector.

The campaign, created by the Tourism Coalition of Hong Kong, was originally set to run from 1 to 31 May. It will now be extended to 30 June and be driven by the Retail Coalition of Hong Kong, formed by members of the different retail groups.

"The campaign has achieved tremendous results," Philip Chen, Convenor of the Tourism Coalition of Hong Kong, as well as Cathay Pacific Director and Chief Operating Officer said. "It has succeeded not only in stimulating local spending, but also in uniting different business sectors behind a common goal to help Hong Kong."

The Retail Coalition, who will work to generate even wider support among local shops and restaurants, will reveal its new initiatives in early June. With the continued support from the Tourism Coalition, participation and offers already pledged by airlines, tour agents, hotels and other organisations will continue through 30 June. New offers will also be announced in early June.

Since the campaign launched on 1 May, the Tourism Coalition has already offered more than 28,000 discount air tickets to Hong Kong people who spent HK$1,000 or more locally, over 80 per cent of which has already been redeemed.

In May alone, the number of merchants taking part has increased from 1,500 to over 3,000, including over 1,300 travel agents, 80 hotels, eight entertainment groups, over 120 catering companies and more than 1,000 retailers. Over 10,000 taxis are also taking part.

"On behalf of the Tourism Coalition, I would like to thank everyone in Hong Kong who has shown their support for the campaign," Philip Chen said. "Together with the Retail Coalition, I'm sure 'We Love Hong Kong' will achieve even better results in the forthcoming month."

The Tourism Coalition of Hong Kong was formed by the Board of Airline Representatives, Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners, Hong Kong Hotels Association and Travel Industry Council, in a self-help effort to lift Hong Kong over economic hardship caused by SARS.