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Tourism Coalition "We Love HK" Campaign Summary

28 Apr 2003

Initiated by Cathay Pacific Airways, the Tourism Coalition was formed as a "self-help" movement for Hong Kong businesses to combat the disruption to Hong Kong caused by SARS

With fewer visitors coming to Hong Kong, the Coalition's "We Love HK" campaign to be run from 1 ¡V 31 May 2003 will call upon the Hong Kong public to GO OUT and SPEND!

The unique part about this campaign is that business will offer incentives for people to spend money with other companies in a bid to get cash moving through the economy.

Any business or merchant taking part must offer customers special discounts or rewards.

This is the first broad-based private sector campaign organised to help the Hong Kong economy get over SARS, and encourage Hong Kong people to get back to normal lives.

The campaign is entirely voluntary. Every company taking part is doing this off its own bat.

The Campaign is easy to take part in and understand: all businesses have to do is give customers special offers, and all Hong Kong people have to do is get out and spend a little money.

The Campaign is well timed as Hong Kong people are looking for a good reason to "feel good" again.

There are two categories of participants:

Award Merchants provide exclusive offers to customers who spend at least HK$1,000 at (specified) participating merchants.

Participating Merchants offer extra discounts/perks on top of anything they are already doing.

No registration is required. A merchant simply has to announce its offer and display the Campaign logo in their window.
For press release issued from Cathay Pacific regarding "We Love HK" campaign with $1,000 deal, please click here.