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Cathay Pacific receives more than one million entries for 'The World's Biggest Welcome' lucky draw

03 Feb 2002

The Hong Kong public rushed to submit last-minute entries to "The World's Biggest Welcome" before the midnight deadline yesterday (Saturday, 2 February). "The World's Biggest Welcome" is Cathay Pacific's biggest-ever campaign to promote tourism in Hong Kong. With more than one million entries received in the eight days since the campaign's launch, it is believed this is the most popular lucky draw ever held by a company in the private sector in Hong Kong. Around 276,000 entries were received on Saturday alone.

Cathay Pacific extended its sincere thanks to all those who helped make the campaign such a success, including the people of Hong Kong. The airline believes the campaign can boost Hong Kong's tourism and bring benefits to the local economy.

At 11pm on Saturday, as the deadline for entries approached, the drop-off points at six MTR stations were buzzing with excitement. Many people only realised that entries were about to close as they passed through the MTR station. Some rushed to call their overseas friends and relatives so they could fill in the lucky draw entry forms there and then. Others who had already completed their forms made a last-minute dash to the drop-off points. Several latecomers were disappointed to arrive after midnight and find collection boxes sealed.

Among the last to submit their entry forms at Causeway Bay MTR station were students Carman Man and Hazel Ng, and a clerk named Miss Chan.

Carman and Hazel, both studying in the Faculty of Business Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said they had already submitted forms, but when they realised during dinner that Saturday was the last chance to submit, they hurried to submit more entries. They both nominated a good friend from Malaysia who came to the Chinese University as an exchange student last year. If they win a free ticket for their friend they said they would take her to enjoy Hong Kong's great food and have fun at Ocean Park.

Commenting on "The World's Biggest Welcome" campaign, Carman said: "It's a smart strategy. On the one hand, Cathay can promote itself and let Hong Kong people see its commitment to boosting the local economy. On the other hand, Hong Kong will benefit from an extra 10,000 inbound visitors who will spend money and spread the good word about Hong Kong back in their home country. Cathay has successfully built a good image among the people Hong Kong. I think it's fantastic."

Miss Chan discovered the lucky draw was about to close when she was buying her MTR ticket. She hurried to complete a form and nominated her nephew in Toronto.

The first 100 winners in "The World's Biggest Welcome" were picked in initial draws held at Times Square from Wednesday to Saturday. In addition to a free return ticket for their nominees, each won two air tickets for their own travel. All 100 initial winners automatically qualify for the special Grand Draw on 5 February, which will determine the winner of a special Mega Prize. The remaining winners will be drawn on 6 February 2002 and notified by mail.

Full details of the campaign together with the terms and conditions of the draw can be viewed at the Cathay Pacific Website: www.cathaypacific.com.hk
Four Cathay Pacific cabin crew stands ready for the final rush of entry forms before the stroke of midnight, 2 February 2002.
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The Cathay Pacific cabin crew poises with the final entrants for 'The World's Biggest Welcome' draw in Causeway Bay at the midnight of 2 February 2002.
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The Cathay Team eagerly waiting for the stroke of 12 midnight to let the champagne flow.
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Cathay Pacific Chief Operating Officer Mr Philip Chen shown here celebrating and thanking the staff for their tireless efforts in offering assistance to entrants at the MTR station, 'Let the drinks begin!'
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