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Cathay Pacific introduces traditional Chinese winter soups

24 Jan 2002

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced it has begun serving traditional Chinese winter soups to its First Class passengers on selected long-haul routes. Even though Hong Kong enjoys only a very short mild winter, just like elsewhere in the world soups are always popular during the season for the warmth and cosy homely atmosphere they create. According to the cabin crew passengers en route from Hong Kong to colder destinations in the Northern hemisphere have apparently been especially quick to try out this new menu item.

In addition to being warming and nourishing the soups are also believed to be good for health. Traditional Chinese medicine says that the soups effects include improving the "qi" (strength) of the lungs, energising the stomach and spleen, nourishing skin, and clearing the body of any harmful "heat" and toxins.

Thomas Chung Cathay Pacific's Manager Chinese Food Development said: "Most people enjoy a good soup, especially during winter - and as Hong Kong's airline we are always looking to offer passengers something special. These winter soups may be new to visitors to Hong Kong, but for Chinese these recipes will bring back happy memories of Mum's soup. And they're especially good right now if you're heading off to the colder climes of Europe or the USA."

The new soups include Cantonese Six Treasures Broth with Pork, Double-Boiled Clear Spring Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbs, Cantonese Watercress Soup with Pork and Red Dates and Clear Chicken Broth with Bamboo Pith and Mushrooms.

The preparation of the soups follows traditional recipes which have been specially enhanced for serving to a cosmopolitan mix of passengers by Cathay Pacific Catering Services chef Paul Wun. The complete recipe for each soup is also included with every passenger's menu so that they can, if they wish, recreate the soup back at home. All the soups are cooked for between three and five hours to create their rich flavours, and all use the finest of both fresh and dried ingredients including Lily bulbs, Lotus seeds, Fox Nuts, Dried Yam, and both sweet and bitter almonds.

Cathay Pacific Catering is one of the world's largest flight kitchens, and its international team of chefs includes a team dedicated to Chinese cuisine. Over US$200 million was invested in building the facility which covers over 51,000 square metres in area. The new soups will be served in First Class up until the end of April on Cathay Pacific flights departing Hong Kong to Vancouver and New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, and London.
Cantonese Six Treasures Broth with Pork surrounded by some of the exotic ingredients
Cathay Pacific Catering Services chef Paul Wun prepares soup in the flight kitchen
Cathay Pacific Catering Services chef Paul Wun prepares to sample Cantonese Six Treasures Broth with Pork