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Cathay Pacific celebrates joint effort to promote "World

18 Apr 2002

Cathay Pacific today welcomed the joining of more than 140 retailers to the "World's Biggest Welcome" campaign, an effort to further boost tourism in Hong Kong.

Along with the give-away of more than $10 million worth of unconditional offers to the "World's Biggest Welcome" winners, participating retailers will also provide comprehensive offers to all tourists arriving on Cathay Pacific between 20 April and 14 June. Complimentary "Guest Privilege" booklets can be redeemed at the Hong Kong International Airport.

Guest privileges will include offers that are good for use in more than 140 major retailers throughout Hong Kong, including restaurants, hotels and shopping areas.

At today's ceremony, Cathay Pacific's Director and Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen called on all businesses to band together to boost Hong Kong tourism. "Getting all Hong Kong businesses to help boost tourism is a natural extension of the 'World's Biggest Welcome', Philip Chen said. "Through this campaign, we hope to motivate other businesses to help make Hong Kong one of the most popular destinations in the world."

Other officiating guests included Commissioner for Tourism Rebecca Lai and Hong Kong Tourism Board Executive Director Clara Chong.

"I'm glad to see that apart from the ticket give-away, Cathay Pacific has also lined up so many other tourism partners in Hong Kong to offer comprehensive privileges for our overseas tourists. They have set a very good example in how to 'Be a Good Host'," Mrs Lai said.

"Cathay Pacific's scheme dovetails perfectly with the Hong Kong Tourism Board's 'Mega Hong Kong Sale' which will be launched on 15 June," Hong Kong Tourism Board Executive Director Clara Chong said.

More than 80 representatives from the food, hotel, entertainment, shopping and transport industries attended the ceremony today. These included Chairman of Maxim's Caterers Ltd James Wu, Managing Director of Maxim's Caterers Ltd Michael Wu, Director & General Manager of Wharf Estates Management KC Leung, Deputy General Manager of Ocean Park Matthias Li, Chairman of Hong Kong Hotels Association Mark Lettenbichler, as well as Marketing and Business Development Manager of MTRC Jenny Yeung.

"Cathay Pacific - The World's Biggest Welcome" was launched in January. The airline gave away 10,000 return air tickets for Hong Kong residents to invite their overseas friends and relatives to visit Hong Kong between April and July this year.