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Cathay Pacific draws final 'World's Biggest Welcome' winners

06 Feb 2002

Cathay Pacific Airways today sifted through more than one million entry forms to draw the final 9,891 winners in "The World's Biggest Welcome" lucky draw. The process took more than nine hours to complete. Full results will be published in Hong Kong newspapers on 11 February 2002.

To draw out the lucky winners from more than one million forms, the entire gymnasium at the airline's CX City headquarters at Hong Kong International Airport has been given over to the task. An outside auditing firm is monitoring the draw to ensure a fair result.

Some 9,891 winners will each receive one free return inbound ticket from Cathay Pacific to invite their nominee to visit Hong Kong. The 10,000 tickets are divided into four regions, including 2,000 from North America, 2,000 from Europe, 1,500 from Australia/New Zealand & South Africa, and 4,500 from Asia and Middle East.

The first 100 winners picked last week will receive one inbound ticket from their nominee plus two outbound tickets for their own travel.

The Grand Prize winner, Lam Ying-shuet, drawn by Hong Kong Chief executive Mr Tung Chee-hwa at Government House on 5 February, will receive a total 10 tickets to invite overseas friends to Hong Kong plus two tickets for her own travel.

The HKID numbers of all the winners will be published in, in full, on 11 February in the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong iMail, Sing Tao, Oriental Daily and Ming Pao newspapers.

Winners will also be contacted individually by mail with details on how to claim the tickets. Nominees will be able to use their tickets between 3 April and 3 July.
At the final draw of "Cathay Pacific - The World's Biggest Welcome", the entry forms are literally pouring into the collection room.