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Cathay Pacific launches new - "Best Chinese Food in the Air"

22 Jul 2002

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced a new season of its successful "Best Chinese Food in the Air" promotion offering passengers a selection of dishes from some of Hong Kong's most famous Chinese restaurants. Cathay Pacific is serving specially selected dishes from the internationally acclaimed Yung Kee Restaurant in all Classes on virtually all Cathay Pacific flights from Hong Kong from now until 31 January 2003. This year Yung Kee Restaurant also celebrates its 60th Birthday

One of the special dishes for the promotion is Poon Choi ("Big Bowl Feast") which has a special place in Hong Kong culinary history, having been first served long ago to Emperor Sung as he visited the Yuen Long district of Hong Kong following a battle. He was accompanied by the entire royal family, and all of his followers, but although the Yuen Long villagers wanted to host a special dinner they could not find dishes big enough to hold the food. So they decided to use the regular washing basins from their homes! After carefully scouring them clean they stacked everything layer-upon-layer in the deep basins - known as Poon in Cantonese - and began to cook?

All the ingredients - including roast goose, chicken, dried eel, prawns, pork crackling, radishes and fish balls - were put together in one big pot to cook. Luckily the flavours of all the different ingredients went rather well together, and the Poon Choi dish soon became a tradition. Cathay Pacific expects to be the first airline in the world ever to serve Poon Choi inflight - naturally featuring Yung Kee's signature Roast Goose - in specially designed individual bowls for First Class passengers.

Over 30 different dishes will be offered on board during the promotion including Prawn Butterfly wrapped with Bean Curd Skin, Braised Cod Fillet with Preserved Gooseberry, Plain Congee with Tangerine Peel and Gingko Nuts, and Panfried Dumplings.

Cathay Pacific's General Manager Inflight Services Quince Chong said: "We are delighted to offer passengers on Cathay Pacific the chance to sample dishes from one of Hong Kong's very best restaurants. Offering this special menu to our international passengers is certainly an exciting way for Yung Kee to mark its 60th Birthday!"

Yung Kee has been one of Hong Kong's best-known restaurants since the 1960s. Back in 1968, it was the only Chinese restaurant in the world featured in Fortune magazines' list of the 15 best restaurants in the world. The new menu underlines Cathay Pacific's commitment to Hong Kong and its promotion as a gourmet capital.
Cathay Pacific flight attendants Siu Lok Man (left) and Wong Pik Shan (right) join Mr Kam Kwan Sing - Managing Director of Yung Kee Restaurant and Chef Paul Wun - Cathay Pacific Catering Services, with a traditional Hong Kong Poon Choi dish.
The Poon Choi dish, featuring Yung Kee's signature Roast Goose, is served in specially designed individual bowls for First Class passengers.
Big Bowl Feast (Poon Choi) with Roasted Goose
Braised Spring Chicken with Preserved Vegetable