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Cathay Pacific unveils new Hong Kong landmark

29 Apr 2002

Cathay Pacific Airways today officially unveiled a new high-impact visual landmark in Hong Kong that is also a first-of-its-kind public art project that strengthens the airline's association with Hong Kong.

The "Three Sails" installation, located on the approach to Hong Kong International Airport, depicts familiar Cathay Pacific images, such as the airline's distinctive "brush wing" tail livery.

Yet the sails' construction employs techniques unique in Hong Kong. Architectural fabric that is as tough as aluminium sheet was stretched drum-tight between steel masts.

Special adhesive vinyl printed with images of the brush wing, Cathay Pacific crew and the message "The Home of Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong" was then laid across the surface each curved sail.

The technique of using adhesive images rather than printing directly onto the sails allows images to be updated in later years.

Cathay Pacific General Manager Marketing Charlie Stewart-Cox said: "This new landmark is another way in which Cathay Pacific is able to strengthen its association with Hong Kong. Its striking design catches every traveller's eye. Cathay Pacific buys a lot of different advertising space on billboards, buses and the MTR, but this is the first time that the airline has combined its core message with something that stands out as a piece of public art in its own right. "

"As a structure, it has never been done before," says Bill Venn, creative director for Cathay Pacific at advertising agency McCann-Erickson Hong Kong. "The structures are reminiscent of kites that bring to mind images of Asian culture."

Working with McCann-Erickson on the project were Metro Media Technologies International, which contributed expertise in the use of architectural fabric, Vertigo China Ltd, and Skyspan, which are both specialist engineering firms.

Photo caption: The Cathay Pacific "Three Sails" installation located on the approach to Hong Kong International Airport catches every traveller's eye.