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Cathay Pacific draws winner of 'The World's Biggest Welcome' Grand Prize

05 Feb 2002

Cathay Pacific today drew the Grand Prize winner of "The World's Biggest Welcome" campaign. The winning entry was drawn by The Honourable Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Mr Tung Chee-hwa at a ceremony at Government House.

The Grand Draw was the climax to the campaign launched by Cathay Pacific to boost tourism in Hong Kong by giving away 10,000 tickets in a lucky draw. The airline received more than an estimated one million entries which if placed end to end would be longer than almost 3,000 Cathay Pacific Boeing 747s parked nose to tail.

The Grand Draw winner will receive nine inbound return tickets for friends and family to visit Hong Kong. This is in addition to the one inbound ticket for a friend and two tickets for the winner's own use already won in last week's initial draw. All 100 people entered in the Grand Draw were winners from the four initial draws.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive and Deputy Chairman David Turnbull, speaking at the ceremony, said: "'The World's Biggest Welcome' is the biggest campaign that Cathay Pacific has ever launched. As the airline of Hong Kong, our aim was to give a boost to our tourism industry and help the economy of Hong Kong as a whole. But we also wanted to get everyone in Hong Kong involved - even those who are seldom on the move. Judging by the response we've had, it has been a tremendous success.

He continued: "We hope that the excitement that our campaign has generated in Hong Kong and other parts of the world will encourage others to get behind a bigger effort to place Hong Kong among the world’s most popular tourist destinations. 'The World's Biggest Welcome' campaign does not end this evening. The first of our special visitors will arrive in April. That is when we can showcase Hong Kong as the 'City of Life'."

Among those also present at the ceremony were: Cathay Pacific Director and Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen, Secretary for Economic Services Sandra Lee, Chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board Selina Chow, Commissioner for Tourism Rebecca Lai, Acting Director of Home Affairs Lui Hau Tuen, Star Ambassadors Karen Mok and Michelle Reis.

The draw to rest of the winners will take place at Cathay Pacific's headquarters at Hong Kong International Airport on 6 February. All winners will be notified individually.