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Cathay Pacific to sell Jubilee 2003 tickets on board

25 Sep 2002

Cathay Pacific Airways today proudly announced it will be selling tickets for the popular musical drama Jubilee 2003 produced by local drama production house Springtime Stage on board between 1 October and 30 November 2002. The tickets will be sold in the form of redemption coupons and are available to passengers on Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Taipei flights.

As the airline of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is committed to promoting Hong Kong arts to the world. By selling local drama tickets in the air, overseas visitors will have more opportunities to come to Hong Kong to experience the best of local productions, further enhancing Hong Kong's position as the centre for world class entertainment.

Cathay Pacific Inflight Sales and Amenities Manager Anna Cheung said, 'Cathay Pacific Inflight Sales has a diversified range of products in addition to the traditional duty free items. We have worked with the Trade Development Council since 1991 to promote Hong Kong designer goods that are exclusively sold on Cathay Pacific flights. We are proud to have added the locally produced drama/musical tickets to our list and will continue to promote unique products that are representative of Hong Kong'.

Springtime Stage and Cathay Pacific have been working together for almost a year to materialise the project. This is the first time Springtime Stage is selling tickets in the air and also a first for Cathay Pacific to promote local drama tickets inflight.

Jubilee 2003 is produced by Clifton Ko and directed by Raymond To. The popular musical will hit the stage in an all-new version, along with a star-studded cast which includes James Wong, Susanna Kwan and Eliza Chan. The drama will be shown in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts between 13 December 2002 and 19 January 2003.