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Cathay Pacific provides details of flight cancellations

12 Sep 2001

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced details of two flight cancellations caused by the closure of airports in the United States.

The flights cancelled are the following:

Flight Cancellations
Flight Number
Departure Time
Hong Kong -
Los Angeles
11 September
Hong Kong -
San Francisco
11 September

Cathay Pacific has been in contact with all of its aircraft and advised them of the situation.

Other flights to and from North America are likely to be delayed or diverted. A further update on the situation will be provided as more information becomes available.

The airline is arranging hotel accommodation for all passengers who require it. The airline is also taking steps to transfer affected passengers to the next available flights.

Cathay Pacific's Director Corporate Development Tony Tyler said: "We are monitoring the situation closely from Hong Kong and we will keep passengers advised as the tragic situation becomes clearer."

Cathay Pacific recommends that all passengers taking flights to North America should call the following passenger enquiry hotlines before going to the airport in order to obtain the latest information. The hotlines will open from 7:00am today.

Chinese-language hotline: 2747-8888
English-language hotline: 2747-8999